Safety and Security

LED Clearance, Tail and Stop Lights

When being seen on the road is of paramount importance, you can rest assured that your Trakmaster off-road caravan has been fitted with the most up to date LED clearance, tail and stop lights.

The LED array installed on our off-road caravans delivers unmatched long term reliability, outstanding brightness and low power consumption. The LEDs are also shock and vibration resistance and require no maintenance.

To increase safety, LEDs light up faster than incandescent globes. This reduces response reaction times, giving earlier warning leading to quicker and safer braking.

LEDs are solid state devices that operate on minimal power and generate little heat. As their heat generation is low and they do not rely on material to generate light, LEDs have long operating lifetimes providing a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or 11 years of continuous use.

There is no glass or filament to break which make LEDs completely resistant to shock and vibration. Additionally, there is no maintenance required.

Trakmaster also use internal LED lights throughout the van for bed lamps, down lights, main roof lights and strip lighting under overhead cupboards.

LEDs are fitted as standard to all Trakmster off-road caravans.

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