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Electric Brakes Fitted as Standard to all Wheels

All Trakmaster vans have electric brakes to all wheels, size of the brakes depend on the ATM of the caravan. The types of brakes fitted to our Trakmaster off-road caravans are drum brakes and are matched to suit the size and payload of each caravan. Disc brakes are an available option on all Trakmaster off-road caravans.

All caravans with gross trailer mass of 2000kg and above are required to have (ADR rated) electric brakes to all wheels. However, Trakmaster off-road caravans of all weights have ADR rated electric brakes fitted as standard.

Drum Brakes

Caravan drum brakes use an electro-magnet lever system. Activation of the electric brake is via an electric brake controller mounted inside your towing vehicle. The controller provides both manual application of the trailer brakes or automatic braking synchronised to that of your towing vehicle. When the controller is activated high-capacity electro-magnets are energised and attract to the inside surface of the brake drum engaging the brakes.

Due to the rotation of the drum, the magnets move the lever arm in the same direction. This movement causes the actuating block at the top of the brake to push the front shoe against the drum. The force of the front shoe, in turn, pushes the back shoe into contact with the drum.

Electric trailer brakes when used and adjusted properly provide many kilometres of smooth, dependable braking operation.

Disc Brakes Work

Disc brakes have an improved stopping performance when compared with drum brakes and also have a smoother feel when braking. The brakes operate via an electro-hydraulic actuator that converts the electric brake controller signal from the vehicle to hydraulic pressure applied to the brake pads.

Disc brakes are more expensive to have fitted to your van due to the complexity of the system, but maintenance costs can be less than drum brakes.

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